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DOING the laundry should be a regular chore, and no doubt on top of your to-do list each week.

But did you know your washing machine needs some special attention too?

How to clean a washing machine?

According to cleaning experts, washing machines can harbour salmonella and other nasty bacteria if not given some TLC every now and again.

However, if you clean it regularly as part of your routine, you can keep germs at bay.

This quick and easy cleaning process will save you a lot of time and keep your laundry smelling fresh.

Here's how to clean a washing machine:

1. Run a hot cycle

Run an empty, regular cycle on the hottest setting (at a minimum of 60ºC)

Add around 250ml of white vinegar to the detergent tray.White vinegar is a great natural ingredient to neutralise bad smells and kill any lingering bacteria in the drum of the washing machine.

2. Clean the exterior

As you wait for the cycle to finish, clean the exterior of the machine with a white vinegar cleaning solution and a cleaning cloth.

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3. Run a second hot cycle

Run one more empty, regular cycle on hot – but this time don't use any detergent or vinegar.

Instead, you can add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the drum to clear away any buildup.

This quick and easy cleaning process will save you a lot of time and keep your laundry smelling fresh

4. Wipe down the interior

Once the second cycle is complete, take a cloth and your desired cleaning spray and wipe down the inside of the machine.

Wait for it to dry completely before closing again – as this will prevent any mould.

How to clean a washing machine drawer?

1. Remove the drawer and spray

Gently take out your detergent drawer and clean with your spray of choice, or warm soapy water.

2. Clean the hard-to-reach parts

Using a toothbrush or bottle-cleaner scrub all the parts that you were unable to clean with just a cloth.

3. Leave to dry

Let the drawer dry thoroughly and then carefully place it back into the machine.

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How to clean a washing machine filter?

1. Turn off and unplug the machine

Before trying to find and remove the filter, make sure that you safely switch off and unplug your machine.

2. Open the filter

Remove the cover and open the filter – make sure to check your manual if you're not sure where the filter is.

Place a towel on the floor and use a tray to catch any water when the filter opens. Wait until all the water is drained.

3. Check the filter and clean

Once you have unscrewed the filter cap you can check for any obstructions, such as coins or buttons.

Place the filter cap in hot soapy water for ten minutes – once dry you can reassemble the filter.

What is Mrs Hinch's washing machine cleaning regime?

Cleaning expert and social media star Sophie Hinchcliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, has her own top tips on how to get your washing machine as good as new.

Another Mrs Hinch hack is to use Stardrops' white vinegar spray and a SonicScrubber, which is available from Amazon, to remove limescale from the machine drawer.

She says this is "because it removes soap scum, so [is] perfect for removing old fabric conditioner etc".

Mrs Hinch then moves on to concentrate on getting to the stubborn dirt behind where the drawer sits using bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, along with her trusty Sonic Scrubber.

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She then grabs some bathroom spray to wipe clean the rubber rim of the machine.

Next, she removes and checks the filter – using a baking tray and tea towel come in, to catch the water when the cap is removed.

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The penultimate step is to use the bicarb and vinegar again – this time adding it to a cloth and putting it directly onto the drum.

Then spritz with Zoflora, wipe once more and put the cloths you've been using inside the machine. Finally, put on one quick wash.

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