How can I banish spiders from my house? One simple trick gets rid of them for good

SPIDERS in the UK aren't exactly life-threatening, like they are in some corners of the world, but it doesn't make their hairy eight-legs and beady little eyes any more appealing.

Luckily for you, there's a simple way to keep your living space spider-free.

Why do spiders come inside our houses?

Spiders don't necessarily prefer to be inside our houses.

But they like undisturbed corners low to the ground that are ideal for building webs.

So all those places you miss dusting or vacuuming will be ideal spots.

Your home can serve as a warm, dry place, ideal for the creepy-crawlies to seek comfort – and there's a surprising number of different species of them in Britain.

How can I banish spiders from our homes?

There's no need to call in pest control, as flushing out the spiders can be as easy as spritzing peppermint-scented products around.

After vacuuming and dusting your home to rid an existing webs, mix up the two-part solution.

To make the repellent, add around 20 drops of peppermint oil to a bottle of water.

After pouring this into a spray bottle, spritz generously around your house.

Take extra care to cover any small nooks and crannies, which can provide the perfect hidey holes for the eight-legged creatures.

Unlike other methods, the peppermint trick prevents the bugs from being harmed.

Instead, it encourages them to relocate to your garden – so you won't need to worry about getting crawled on in the night.

Here are more top tips for spider-proofing your house.

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