Get to Know: Kepler

A look from The Empress collection. Courtesy photo

During a global crisis and through a roller-coaster of emotions, Kepler designers Jaimee McKenna and Alexandra Hadjikyriacou have enjoyed a slow and mindful pace that has allowed designing to feel the most liberating. The timeless and otherworldly brand, as the girls described it, is focused on the construction of the pieces. With backgrounds in textiles, most pieces are made by hand or have a handcrafted element and “we think that speaks volumes,” said the designers. 

Planet Kepler is inspired by landscapes, natural materials, the contours of the Earth and geology, as well as the arts and culture and all things creative. Their most recent collection, for example, was inspired by The Empress, who represents all the zodiac signs, said McKenna and Hadjikyriacou. A fine black pullover top from the collection, for instance, illustrates the hand embroidery of symbols. 

A look from The Empress collection. Courtesy photo

The duo works as a balanced yin and yang and would like to inspire people to buy into made-to-order, bespoke and hand-created pieces. Moving forward, the duo will continue to make the brand as ethical and sustainable as possible by “exploring not just our own craft, but introducing other traditional crafts and methods with craftsmen,” they concluded.



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