'Football's coming home' waistcoat made for England Women’s coach Phil Neville

Football really felt like it was going to come home last year during the men’s World Cup but alas we’re still waiting.

We’re hoping the women will have more luck.

With the tournament underway in France, the waistcoat – made popular by Gareth Southgate – is back.

Head coach Phil Neville has adopted Southgate’s waistcoat look in the hope that it will bring luck to his team, who have won their last two games.

Last year, mobile phone brand Huawei tweeted an image of a photoshopped waistcoat with the famous ‘It’s coming home’ slogan stitched over it last year, and they made it a real thing.

So, now they’re making another one for Phil Neville, ahead of England women’s clash against Japan.

The new waistcoat also has the initials PN stitched into it to show love to the boss.

The trendy top has been pictured around iconic French landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and the Louvre.

At the moment, it’s encased in a  glass display with the words ‘break in case of it coming home’.

‘With the Huawei waistcoat capturing the magic of the Three Lions World Cup journey last summer, we felt it was only right to give our Lionesses the same support,’ explained Justin Costello from Huawei UK and Ireland.

‘With Phil Neville proving himself to be just as dapper as Gareth Southgate we’ve brought the waistcoat back with a minor adjustment just in case football does indeed come home.’

Who knows, if the women do bring it home, maybe we’ll see everyone don the waistcoat.

England face Japan in their final group game this evening. Ladies, let’s bring it home.

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