Firebox is selling floating wine glasses so you can sip your summer cocktails in the pool – The Sun

GOING on holiday inevitably means having a cheeky drink on the beach or at the pool.

Normally you’re sipping from flimsy plastic cups, cans or even from the bottle.

But now you can finally give your drink the vessel it deserves, with new floating wine glasses from Firebox.

The novelty website just started selling the pink cups which are a summer must-have.

The glasses float in water, so can you sip your drink while in the swimming pool or sea – novelty inflatable optional.

And they can also be used on land, as their design means you can pop them in the sand or ground so they won’t fall over.

  • Floating wine box, Firebox, £6.99 – buy now

Describing the glasses – which cost £6.99 each – Firebox said: “Decant your drink into one of these divine goblets and spear it into the sand or soil like the tipsy javelin star you are.

“Whether you’re slurping on Sauvignon or chucking back Chardonnay, you can trust these Floating Wine Glasses to keep your precious booze safe and sound.

“It’ll stay put through even the most energetic rough and tumble.

“Dogs running about? They won’t tip your Pimms. Mates clowning around with a football?

“You could even fill it with ice and put one of those chic little cans of wine in there to keep it cool. So versatile.

“Best bit? It floats. Take it in the pool. Take it in the sea.”

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