FDMTL and Gravis' Cardiff Patch Is the Best Sandal Collaboration You've Never Heard Of

FDMTL and Gravis are two of Japan’s most “if you know, you know” labels, and they have come together for a pair of Cardiff Patch sandals.

The pair combines the two brands’ sensibilities, referencing FDMTL’s work with denim by using an all-over indigo hue that takes form in a number of different textiles, and nodding to Gravis by delivering a sandal that’s packed with Japanese design cues.

For example, the Cardiff Patch sandal features a top strap that’s split into two sections: one served in cream with indigo stitching, and another in indigo with a black-and-white checkered pattern. A complementing webbing strap with white stitching sits on top.

On the medial, the collaborative pair uses FDMTL’s denim in a brighter shade of blue, while an indigo blue leather strap has been added to secure the webbing pieces in place. The strap wraps around to the rear to create a heel component that has been branded with FDMTL’s moniker in white stitching, rounding out the upper’s design.

The sole unit is made from two pieces, combining a dark blue footbed complete with tabi split-toe embossing on it, and a white outsole that’s rounded and somewhat chunky.

Take a look at the FDMTL x Gravis Cardiff Patchwork sandal in the gallery above, and pick up a pair for yourself at stockists including Hanon, where they retail for £160 GBP (approx. $207 USD).

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