Expert claims your sleep ‘personality’ is making you ‘fat’ & knowing which one you are can boost your health

AS it turns out, your sleep 'personality' could be causing you to put on weight, and knowing whether you're a bear, wolf, lion or dolphin can actually help with your overall health, sleep expert claims.

Known as your "sleep chronotype",Olivia Arezzolo, from Sydney says these sleep profiles will help you understand whether you're biologically geared to be an early riser or a night owl – and at what time of the day you might become tired.

Your circadian rhythm is essentially your sleep/wake pattern and 50% of this is dictated by your genes, she told FEMAIL – in other words, your sleep chronotype.

The other half is influenced by your habits, including time spent with blue light, exercise and your diet.

Olivia said, knowing and understanding your sleep personality means you can "hack"your sleep "chronotype", which will help boost your productivity, improve your life and keep you stay slim.


Wolves characteristically function best at night, which means they often enjoy a sleep in.

They love late nights and "can easy stay up until 1am", the expert said.

But Olivia warned that wolves need to be careful not to over eat or drink too much late at night, as this will result in poor sleep and unnecessary weight gain.

"Heavy evening eaters – characteristic of wolves – wake up on average, 11 times more than those who eat lightly," she said.

If this is you, try giving your body time to rest and digest by setting a cut off time for food.


Dolphins are known as the "classic insomniac" of the four sleep chronotypes and Olivia said they have "no set routine" when it comes to their sleep.

This could mean snoozing for two hours one night and ten the next, which also means it impacts thier day-to-day.

"They periodically have short bursts of high energy, followed by a sudden crash," Olivia said. 

For this reason alone, Dolphin needs to watch their sugar intake as it's an easy pick me up during the day when you're feeling low.

The sleep expert highlights that of the four chronotypes, Dolphins are most likely to struggle with health issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Rather than going for a sugary treat, instead choose some complex carbohydrates or proteins which will give you the energy you need.


If ever there was an early riser, a Lion would be it.

Olivia explained that a Lion can "easily awaken at 5 or 6am", but by 10pm, they are "absolutely beat"

The expert revealed this sleep chronotype is the most productive by far and they're alert and energised in the morning,

For this reason, Lions are the least likely to gain weight due you regular sleep and eating patterns.

Olivia said Lions are usually "positive, upbeat and often very health conscious".

Olivia’s tips to stay healthy

1. Ensure you get sufficient sleep each night, especially if you are a Wolf or Dolphin. Studies show when sleeping 8.5 hours, you have 55 per cent higher fat loss than those sleeping 5.5 hours.

2. Find you chronotype and adjust your eating and exercise habits accordingly.

3. Avoid late eating – the thermic effect of food (calories used in digestion) is four per cent lower in the evening compared to morning. This means even if you're eating the same meal, you're more likely to gain weight by eating in the evening versus the morning.

But they're also "organised natural-born leaders" who love routine and usually highly intelligent.

To improve your life as a Lion, Olivia said to cosume most of your calories in the morning and eat less as the days go on.

She explained: "The old saying breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dine like a pauper has some truth."


Lastly, the Bear is the most popular sleep chronotype and make up about 55 per cent of the population and their sleep-wake cycle follows the normal solar cycle.

According to the expert, a typical Bear is likely to wake at around 7am, but they might feel fatigued so they will probably reach for a coffee to get them going.

They will start to perk up at around 10am when their energy will peak, but will often face the dreaded 3pm slump.

At this time, it could be common for Bears to reach for an energy drink, more coffee and something sugary – which could be causing weight gain.

If you know you're a Bear, it would be beneficial to have something healthy on hand that will help get you through the rest of your day.

Olivia said Bears are typically: "Humble, industrious and hardworking, Bears are the worker bees of our society; they can be counted on to get the job done."

They also "enjoy working in teams" and are good at taking direction.

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