Daughter in hysterics after her mum thanks her for the ‘Christmas soap’ but moans it didn’t lather in the bath

THE festive Rudolphs made the perfect Christmas gift.

But one woman was left in hysterics after her mum mistook the wax melts she had made her for Christmas as soap.

Melanie Plummer took to the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas group on Facebook to recount the hilarious story of her mum's error, sharing a picture of the melts themselves and a text exchange she'd had with her parent.

"Hi honey," her mum began. "Hope you are both OK.

"Just to say the soap smells lovely but I think there is too much wax n the outside.

"I have tried using it and it doesn’t lather or any foam when I tried washing my hands… xxx"

Confused, Melanie replied: "Are you on about the rudolphs I gave you?"

When her mum responded with a "yes", Melanie couldn't resist using the crying laughing emojis in her reply, as she wrote: "OMG mum. They’re wax melts not soap xx"

Red-faced, her mum replied: "What am I like! I said to Andrew I bet they are something to do with scent. I sat in the bath and thought this can’t be soap but kept trying.

"I was going to use them as smelly ornaments."

As well as hundreds of people commenting Melanie's story, others shared their own tales of unfortunate mistakes.

"Gave my mum 'gingerbread latte' liquid for her vape last year," one person wrote.

"She thought it was syrup for coffee, so drank it. Few days later she said to me 'oh you know that syrup you got me, it's not very nice, had a couple of sips and couldn't drink the rest'.

"I was so confused as I'd not given her anything to drink… Then it twigged.

"I literally started crying with laughter whilst telling her that's for your vape, not your coffee.

"Bloody donut nearly poisoned herself."

Another commenter wrote: "My grandad took a bite out of a bar of soap once and told my nan he didn't think much of the Turkish delight she'd bought."

While someone else commented: "Someone I know was bought a massage bar from lush but thought it was soap so was slipping all over the place in the bath.

"Her skin looked and felt amazing after though.

"She also used a whole bubble bar as didn't realise to break some off and went outside after to see the garden filled with bubbles from the downpipe when bath was emptying."

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