Dating expert reveals two-second test which decides if you should marry someone & she immediately ditches those who fail

MANY women will have had the experience of being with a perfectly lovely romantic partner, but not knowing whether they really are 'The One'.

Fortunately, a dating expert has come up with an easy two-second test to help you tell whether you should marry them – or call the relationship a day.

Writing for, Jana Hocking explained that she has devised a way to decide whether it's a "firm yes" or "hard no" when it comes to getting hitched with someone.

She said: "I usually do it after quite a few dates, say three months down the track. I take a good look at the bloke and then imagine myself at the start of the wedding aisle.

"I think to myself, 'If I arrived at the aisle and looked down to see them waiting for me at the other end, would I light up and be genuinely excited to see them? Would I think to myself ‘How the heck did I get so lucky to marry them?’

"Or would I just think, ‘OK cool, they seem like a good person, and I reckon I could have a decent life with them, so let’s do this.’”

The dating expert – who hosts the Kinda Sorta Dating podcast – explained that if you choose the first, you should stay with them.

However, if you're leaning more towards the latter, then it's best to say farewell.

Jana added: "The second option doesn’t offer an extraordinary love, it offers a safe love."

Last month, she revealed the red flags on dating apps to look out for when talking to men.

This includes if they delete their profile too soon – suggesting he's a little bit too much into you, and bordering on "stalker" behaviour.

Another bad sign is if they only post photos of their torso or from a distance.

Jana claims that guys who choose to share snaps that don't really reveal their identity, usually means that they're hiding something – like the fact they're married.

Those with the mysterious photos more often than not will never follow through on meeting up with you.

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