Cleaning fanatic warns there’s one bit of your fridge you’re probably forgetting to clean, but all you need is a dryer sheet to get it spotless

JUST when you're certain you've identified and blitzed every grubby crevice of your kitchen, someone on TikTok pops up to tell you "You've missed a spot."

Today's reminder that the work is never done comes from self-confessed "Queen of cleaning" Vanesa Amaro.

The TikToker shared a video to her 3.7 million followers where she highlighted the surprising place dust and grime can collect in your kitchen.

She uploaded the video of her pointing underneath her fridge with the caption: "When is the last time you cleaned it?"

She then removed the grate at the bottom to reveal some build up of dust and dirt.

She said: "There's a little grill at the bottom of your fridge and it tends to get pretty nasty."

These grates are positioned at the bottom of some fridges for ventilation, although not everyone will have one.

The Queen of Cleaning then gets to work wiping the grill with a dryer sheet and then spraying it with Dawn Powerwash and scrubbing with a washing-up brush.

She rounds off the routine by saying: "Rinse it off, and you're done!"

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