Chinese and Western Zodiac Sign: What does a Taurus Water Monkey mean?

TAURUS Water Monkeys are a fusion of Western and Chinese astrology.

They are born in 1992 primarily in April or May and are said to be mature and very prudent. Water Monkeys are easily lovable and very intelligent.

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Characteristics of the Male Taurus Water Monkey

Charm, charm – oh yeah and a little more charm. 

He probably sweats charm, there is nothing about this self-assured character not to like. 

He is an absolutely lovely, scrumptious fella. 

If this man isn't Mr Popular, something went horribly wrong in childhood. He was born happy, makes everyone else happy, is always smiling, will do anything for anybody and absolutely knows how to have a good time – and does. 

He is a bit of a playboy really, but the nice variety. 

There is no malice, no malevolence – on the contrary, he's thoughtful, understanding, kind, persuasive, gentle and reassuring. 

Perfect then? Not quite, the Taurus/Monkey combo is pretty self-serving. Oh hell – yeah, more or less perfect, I suppose. 

But wait, that just doesn't happen – perfection does not exist. And I suppose, if we look a little closer, you might just unearth one or two chinks in that very shiny, buffed armour. 

He is, for example, way, way too laid-back for his own good. His attitude to work is by no means bad but he is not exactly dazzlingly motivated. 

Everything is done at a certain pace. I mean the reality with this boy is fairly simple, and he doesn't hide the fact.

He just wants to have a good time and wants to laugh and smile, have engaging dialogue with beautiful, interesting people, drink, eat, chill and relax. 

Isn't that what we all want? No, quite simply. 

Some people don't like people, some people are obsessed with work. 

This one wants hassle-free happiness.

In a word – gorgeous.

Characteristics of the Female Taurus Water Monkey

One of the most charming Taurean girls in existence. 

She is happy-go-lucky, not nearly as bossy as your average bullish Taurus girl and will do almost anything for anyone. 

She should have very good taste, an original creative streak and will adore the company of others. 

She's a seductive little thing in every area of her life – both personal and professional. It'll be easy to succumb to her natural charm and it's a tool she utilises with devastating effect. 

You'll struggle to deny this woman anything – her easy but strong, self-assured demeanour will nail you to the mast every time. 

She sounds perfect? No one is perfect, thank God, but this happy, successful little charmer does, at times, graze the top of the perfection barometer. 

Taurus Water Monkey females are like an all-American mom.

All white teeth, perfect blonde highlights, two perfect kids, ordered, efficient, organized, always happy, perfect husband, a little cottage, a sumptuous white-picket fence homestead and neighbors who all adore her, because she's virtually perfect. 

With those characteristics, you have a little Taurean Water Monkey girl – because that's exactly what she'd be like. 

There's no malice, no jealousy, not a single nasty, underhand trait about her system – nothing but wholesome loveliness. 

You would expect someone who is as gorgeous as this to garner, generate and encourage quite some degree of envy from her peers – doesn't happen, 'cos she's too damn nice. 

The little blue-eyed girl of combined astrology.

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