Blogger reveals the reality behind getting the perfect Instagram photo saying ‘tummy rolls and bloating are normal’

A HEALTH blogger has revealed the reality behind achieving the perfect Instagram photo in a series of revealing social media snaps.

Shining light on the “perfect” selfie is 20-year-old Finnish Instagrammer Sara Puhto who posts honest before and after photos on her page.

In her most recent post on her account, where she boasts 318,000 followers, the blogger was keen to remind her followers that “imperfections” are normal.

Captioning her snap she wrote: “It's hard to remind ourselves that things like tummy rolls, weight gain and bloating are normal things to have and happen to your body.

“Ignore those thoughts that you have to be or look a certain way. You don’t have to workout like crazy and eat clean in order to wear a bikini on your next holiday to look good in photos, you don’t have to stress about going on a diet to wear certain clothing.”

But she was quick to add that she is equally guilty as everyone else when it comes to having body hang ups.

Sara added: “In photos I constantly suck in my tummy or try and hide it and stick out my booty as much as possible.”

And while Sara will often post snaps of her in a “perfect” insta pose, she will pair it with a “realistic” one where she doesn’t deliberately suck in her stomach to highlight the difference.

She previously exposed the butt selfie or “belfie” revealing
the trick that celebs rely on to make their rear look as curvy as possible.

The fitness guru explained that all it takes to enhance your curves is sticking out your front leg and posing from the side.

She wrote at the time: “I thought I’d show my booty from its normal straight leg standing position vs. a posed booty pop position cause in a world where the Kardashian’s booties are so glorified, we need to remember that the photos we see of them and others aren’t always reality.

“Their butts can’t ALWAYS look that big from every angle.”

And fans have praised her for encouraging body positivity on social media.

One commented: “You should b proud of the message you are sending and actively changing unhealthy ideals."

A second agreed adding: “Your posts have helped me out so much. Especially with bloating, I always beat myself up for being bloated lol.”

“Thaaanks for being real” wrote a third.

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