Beauty whizz shares the 8 Aldi products you need to set an alarm for as their sellout skincare special buys return | The Sun

BEAUTY fans, rejoice! Aldi are bringing back their make-up and skin care special buys that always sell out!

But if you don't know which ones are worth snapping up on 30th November, then look no further! That's because skincare and makeup fan Victoria Maskell has shared a very honest review of the products she's tried and tested, so you'll know which ones to set your alarm for.

First up is Lacura's £5.99 Daily Glow moisturiser, which is a dupe for Clinique's £37 Dramatically Different™ Moisturising Lotion.

"This is meant to be 'if you like Clinique, you'll like this," says Victoria. in a clip shared to TikTok (@victoria.maskell).

"Hmm, I've used this a couple of times and it leaves a white kind of cast on my face.

"I'm going to say 5/10 – I'll use it up but I probably won't repurchase."



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Next up, the beauty fan discusses Lacura's natural deodorant and notes that while it "smells really nice" and is fine if you're not going to do any movement and perspire, it didn't really work for her.


"I wouldn't repurchase – 2/10," she admits.

Victoria goes on to say she was so excited to try Lacura's £4.99 Wonder Spray, which is a dupe of Colour Wow Dream Coat, £24.30.

"So this is meant to help your hair stay super sleek out of humidity – it works," she says.

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"I would give this an 8/10 – it doesn't weigh down my fine hair."

Moving on, she holds up Lacura's black powder puff and notes how she has them in pink as well.

"I use these every day – they're really good! 10/10, I would repurchase" she says.

The beauty whizz is also a fan of the supermarket chains £4.99 'eye moisture boost eye cream,' which is a dupe of Clinique's 'Moisture surge', which costs £20.

"This is like a moisture boost – I like this," she explains.

"I use it most days – I'd say 6/10. It's nice and light under your eyes."

Victoria goes on to say she'd also repurchase Aldi's silk scrunchies, which come in a pack of four, and notes that the store's £2.99 Nuxe Oil dupe is worth a go, too.

Speaking of the shimmer oil, which is a whopping £29.01 cheaper than the pricier alternative, she notes: "It's OK.

"It's quite oily and it doesn't give huge amounts of glow.

"If you want something like the oil rather than the sparkle, probably quite good. I'd give it a 7/10 – it's worth trying."

Finally, she concludes by discussing Aldi's perfume dupes.

"For the price, they're really good," she says.

"They do last, I'd give them a go! I'd say 9/10. I really do like them."

The post quickly racked up a whopping 111k views and several comments, with very mixed reviews.

"Really enjoyed watching this. Thank you," praised one.

A second penned: "I think the Clinical dupe is Fab. No cast on my face and sinks in really well. I'd defo buy again."

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A third commented: "The deodorant was awful but I agree it smelt great."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Love the scrunchies! I’ve used them one at a time, on 2/4 only had to throw one away so far."

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