Beautician horrified as she spots LICE in her client’s hair during eyelash treatment

A BEAUTICIAN was left horrified during an eyelash appointment when she spotted LICE crawling in her client’s hair.

TikTok user Ips beauty uploaded a video showing the parasitic insects wriggling in the customer’s locks. 

The beautician, who posts under @ipsbeauty, wrote: “Your doing your clients lashes, you look down and see this…

“What you doing?”

Her video has racked up over 3.5million views and clearly shocked many internet users. 

One person wrote: “She knows she has bugs in her hair. U tell her sorry u can’t do it, those bugs will jump.”

Another added: “I would honestly tell her, maybe she doesn’t know, queens look out for other queens.”

A third wrote: “I would pick it out tbh. There’s no shame in having nits.”

It is not known whether she told the client about the head lice or if she carried on with the appointment. 

Nits are particularly common in school children aged between 4-11.

But it isn’t just kids that can suffer with the itchy critters as researchers recently revealed an explosion of head lice infestations in centrally-heated, draught-free homes across the UK.

Even though head lice are largely harmless, they can live in the hair for a long time if not treated and can be frustrating to deal with.


Contrary to old wive's tales, head lice have no preference for dirty or clean hair – nor short or long.

Once they have been removed from hair, head lice will usually die within 12-24 hours.

Meanwhile, the same beautician branded women’s lash extension fail ‘worst EVER’ after stylists sticks them on with hair glue.

And this is why you need to clean your eyelash extensions every day – and it’s stomach-churning.

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