Beach ready fashionista shares genius hack to turn a triangle bikini into a push up one & it's all about how you tie it | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA has been praised after sharing a genius hack to turn any triangle bikini into a push up one.

The woman promised that the clever trick will turn anyone into the "queen of the girls' holiday", and said it will work for everyone, as long as their triangle bikini fits in the first place.

She demonstrated in a video on the Gaia Woman TikTok page, as she took the untied triangle top and pulled the triangle sections to the side to make a huge space in the middle.

She then put the length of strap behind her neck, to form a halter.

Next, she took the shorter straps and tied them behind her back.

"So then you've got these two bits here," she said.

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"This is fully trust the process because it looks pretty crazy at this point."

She then took the longer straps, crossed them over at the front and then tied the straps behind her.

Once that was done, she was able to adjust the triangles to make sure she was fully covered.

She then removed the white top she'd been wearing underneath to show the hack in action, as she explained that pulling the crossed over straps tighter gives even more of a lift.

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"It's literally a boob job without having to spend thousands of pounds," she laughed.

She was quickly praised for sharing the hack, with one person writing in the comments section: "You just saved my life!"

"You're a genius," another added.

"Love itttt but would be afraid of easy n*p slip," a third commented.

To which the woman replied: "Hahaha it looks scary but I promise it’s just as safe as wearing normally!"

"Me watching this even tho I have an F cup," someone else wrote.

With the woman responding: "As long as the top fits usually it should fit this way too."

In other bikini hack news, one woman has shown how she uses her bikini bottoms as a top, with a stylish result.

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