Adidas Making Cyberpunk 2077 Sneakers To Commemorate Game’s Release

Sportswear giants Adidas will be selling Cyberpunk 2077-themed sneakers soon. The highly-anticipated video game should hit the market in November on the back of multiple annoying delays but fans expect it to be worth the wait.

Given the title’s immense pull, other companies are looking to get in on the action and Adidas is supposedly doing just that, with the  “Adidas X9000L4 Boost Cyberpunk 2077” to occupy shelves at some point ahead of or post the game’s release.

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The lightweight running shoe-style kicks should leave you looking like you’re ready to step out into the title’s violent Night City. The shoe pays homage with a very noticeable Cyberpunk 2077 logo – “Cyber” on the outside of the left and “Punk” on the outside of the right.

The shoes haven’t been officially announced by Adidas. The details were revealed by popular shoe collector @Solebyjc but there was no release date or price in his Instagram post.

First Look: adidas x9000l4 boost x CyberPunk ⚡️🎮👾

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Cyberpunk 2077 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and November 19; PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will follow in 2021. The game’s release date should serve as a fair-enough indication as to when the shoes will be made available for purchase.

The developers, CD Projekt Red, already have multiple deals in place for official merchandise but Adidas is unlikely to be the only company producing non-gaming merch related to this inbound title.

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