Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Plans Store With Apparel From Jeremy Scott and Arianne Phillips

FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW: Exit-through-the-gift-shop is the favored guidance at many museums and the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be no exception.

A store will be part of the Sept. 30 unveiling in Los Angeles. Knowing the value of using star wattage to amp up appeal with consumers, the museum has tapped Academy member and costume designer Arianne Phillips, who has teamed up with Jeremy Scott. The duo will design a bespoke capsule collection of clothing and accessories based on “The Wizard of Oz.” Adding another dimension to the equation will be Moschino, which will be produced by Moschino.

Phillips is also acting as creative director of a limited-edition capsule collection also inspired by the 1939 film starring Judy Garland. She touted the news on Instagram Thursday with an image of Garland gingham-ed out as “Dorothy” and a rendering of red ruby slippers.

Phillips and fellow Academy members and costume designers like Arjun Bhasin, Sharen Davis and Sandy Powell are designing T-shirts inspired by “The Wizard of Oz.” Those items will be sold in the Academy Museum store along with Oscar-related memorabilia and other merchandise designed exclusively for the retail outpost by California-based creatives. Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano has designed the Academy Museum, which is housed in what was once the May Company Building and dates back to the 1930s.

The store has a potential built-in customer base considering that 76 percent of residents in North America are moviegoers, having bought 1.24 billion tickets in 2019, according to a study by MarketingCharts. Encouraging fans to return to theaters this year is a priority for studios and actors alike, after thousands of cinemas — big and small — were forced to close last year due to the pandemic.

Out-of-state shoppers will also be able to get in on the movie-inspired goods. An online store will be launched simultaneously with the physical one. Film fans will also find books, toys, posters, maps, games, office and home sundries and other film-related goods. Costume designer Ruth E. Carter and “Black Panther” jewelry designer Douriean Fletcher have created a jewelry collection from the gold-glass mosaic tiles from the museum’s gold cylinder.

The store will also showcase collaborations with such entities as the Bruce Lee Foundation, the Saul Bass Estate and the Hayao Miyazaki Studio.

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