A Guide to Everything Lady Gaga Wore on Her Face at the 2020 MTV VMAs

Rocket Number 9, Take Off!

BRB, NASA is calling!

Wearing a glass globe on her head, a poofy silver dress straight outta the future and boots higher than my self-esteem, Lady Gaga arrived at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards looking like she was the Moonperson award herself.

(And it makes sense, the 34-year-old led with the most nominations and wins of the night.)

“I was wearing face shields before it was a thing,” Gaga joked on social media.

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Pretty in Pink

Okay, peacock dress (and pink mask)!

Gaga hit the stage for the first time that night to accept the award for best collaboration for her track with Ariana Grande, “Rain On Me.” 

On her face: a pink gas mask from the dystopian future (or present?). On her body: a colorful, peacock-inspired dress that brought us back to her ARTPOP era.

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Show Me Your Tusks

No one get near the queen — she might poke an eye out!

As she accepted the song of the year award for “Rain on Me,” Gaga threw on a horns-bedazzled face mask, a lime green dress and crystal-pearl necklace to match.

The dark maroon mask with encrusted tusks was simply… iconic.

“I’m speechless,” wrote Christopher John Rogers, the dress designer after the show. 

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A Sine from Above

Yes, she sang through that.

For the most anticipated performance of the night, Gaga wore a color-changing digital mask that flashed the her Chromatica album color.

Gaga rocked the performance alongside Grande who sported a much more lowkey black mask.

So… where can we buy this?

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2020’s Silver Lining

Gaga’s album Chromatica saved 2020. Period.

With a shiny, silver face mask to match her bodysuit and accompany a long, feathery white coat, Gaga came out to accept the artist of the year award.

“Everyone always knew if they were hanging out with me that I was on a mission to spread joy through culture, through dance, through music,” she said as she accepted the award.

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Queen of Chromatica

That was triconic!

The “Stupid Love” singer took home five awards — the most of the night — at Sunday’s VMAs. As she accepted the first-ever TRICON award, Gaga served a look worthy of a goddess.

Gaga wore the same artist of the year bodysuit but completely changed its appearance as she rocked a metallic silver cape and matching futuristic headdress.

“This has not been an easy year for a lot of people, but what I see in the world is a massive triumph of courage,” she said as she accepted the award. 

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