Zendaya lost her slipper in a light-up Tommy Hilfiger gown at the Met Gala: fun?

Zendaya arrived a little later to the Met Gala in an elaborate Tommy Hilfiger gown with lit up blue lines, a giant bustle skirt and puff sleeves. She was styled to look like Cinderella, she carried a little carriage purse which I’m assuming is Judith Leiber, and she even deliberately lost her slipper on the stairs! That was a nice touch. Is Cinderella camp when it’s interpreted like this? This dress reminds me of the light up Zac Posen gown which Claire Danes wore to the 2016 Met Gala, the one with the Manus x Machina theme. There are definite style differences, like the bodice and more graphic lighting. Claire’s dress was compared to Cinderella too, only Zendaya did the whole look.

Speaking of Zac Posen, here’s Katie Holmes in an amazing purple gathered gown with branch-like shoulders. This is a great gown, look at the elaborate bodice and the great tulle fishtail, but I don’t think it’s camp at all.

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Also in Zac Posen was Nina Dobrev, looking like a cute ice skater with plastic structured wings and a plastic overlay. Great dress, incredible use of fabric and detailing, but not camp.

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Julia Garner also wore Posen and this fits the theme with the multiple levels of side draping. She looks like an art deco goddess. This was my favorite Posen.
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Look at the back!
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