Yes, That Was Oscar Isaac’s Real Penis On Scenes From A Marriage – And You Have Jessica Chastain To Thank For It!

Oscar Isaac caused quite a stir after showing off his goods on the new limited series Scenes From a Marriage.

In case you haven’t seen the HBO show yet, it documents the crumbling relationship of the married couple, Mira and Jonathan. And at one point, the 42-year-old actor goes full-frontal after the spouses had some breakup sex. While the peen is only there for a couple of seconds, you literally cannot miss it! The moment, of course, has sent social media users into a tizzy — so much so that The View’s Sunny Hostin couldn’t help but bring it up during an interview with the co-stars on Friday:

“I hate to do it, but I have to ask… Twitter, we were talking about it — were you surprised at that reaction? Was there ever a moment where you second-guessed your decision to reveal yourself?”

While Oscar was “fine” with the nudity at first, he revealed that he actually didn’t even know his male appendage was even going to be shown until fans started reacting online:

“You’re welcome, Twitter. I was surprised because I didn’t know that was going to happen. You get sent the stuff to look at to be like, ‘OK, I’m fine with that.’ But I saw it on a laptop quite dark and I didn’t notice what was happening down there. It was a surprise when I started seeing all these things like, ‘It’s full frontal’ — I was like, ‘No, what are you talking about?’ And I saw it, and clear as day on the big TV there, it’s there for everyone to see.”

Talk about a surprise!

But it turns out viewers have Chastain to thank for that infamous scene making the cut, as she apparently had one rule before also stripping down on the series. The 34-year-old Zero Dark Thirty star explained:

“Well, I said to Hagai , who wrote and directed in the series. I said in the very beginning, ‘I’m comfortable with all the nudity, but any part of my body that you show, you’re going to have to show the same with Oscar.’ So there’s a shower scene that I have in episode two, and you see my body. So now you see his body. So for me, I wanted it to be balanced.”

Honestly, we applaud Jessica for pushing for some balance on the show! Like, let’s be real here, it is still a pretty rare occurrence to see a man’s genitalia in TV series or films, and it is no secret that women are seen naked on-screen way more than men. So good on her! Also, no, we will not be showing you his goods. You can search for it yourself if you have HBO. Instead, though, you can ch-ch-check out the entire interview with Isaac and Chastain (below):

Have you seen the limited series yet, or do you plan on watching it, Perezcious readers? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments (below).

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