Yep, Tina Brown basically confirms that Angela Kelly leaked the tiara stories

As I continue to say, Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers is notable not just for what’s been written but what’s being ignored. Sometimes Brown even makes a subtle point and then drops it completely, as if making a conscious effort to not delve deeper. This happens a lot in the chapters about Meghan Markle’s entrance into the royal family and how quickly everyone decided that Meghan didn’t “fit in” with royal life. Remember all of the tiara drama? Those stories came out months after the wedding, and they were absolutely pushed by Angela Kelly. Kelly is the Queen’s dresser and by most accounts, she decided it was her job to ignore Meghan’s requests to use the tiara – the tiara which the Queen had already decided to let her borrow for her wedding – for a “hair trial.” After Kelly rudely blanked Meghan, Harry got involved and bitched out Kelly. This is a notable section about Kelly “rudely stonewalling” Meghan from The Palace Papers:

What’s missing from this account is how fed up, by this time, many Palace aides were with Meghan’s demands and those of her husband. “Meghan would say, ‘I’ll just do whatever you want me to do,’” a source told me, vehemently, “while meanwhile, she eventually got the chapel she wanted, the preacher she wanted, the choir she wanted, the dress she wanted, the tiara she wanted, the candles she wanted, the location for the after-party, the chef, the entertainment, the guest list. No one said no to anything.”

There was a lot of raging, a palace source told me. “In-person shouting in front of other members of staff, basically in front of too many people, which is why it all started to come out and became the first-ever negative piece of coverage about the behavior of the couple.” Meghan got her tiara, but Angela Kelly had made her point.

[From The Palace Papers by Tina Brown]

One, Brown is admitting what we all knew, which is that Angela Kelly was the source of the whole tiara drama anyway. Two, they’re vague about who was shouting, and I believe that’s because it was never Meghan shouting at anyone. Meghan just got blamed for it when Harry told Angela to fix her f–king face and stop snubbing Meghan. Three, that quote about all the things Meghan “got” for the wedding… it was Meghan’s f–king wedding, and she was making decisions about what she wanted for the wedding? Why is this a litany of grudges? “Oh, Meghan got the candles she wanted for her wedding, what a bitch!!” Who thinks like that? I do believe Brown quoted that person accurately because Brown was like “see what Meghan was up against.”

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