Victoria Beckham admits to stalking David Beckham before officially meeting him

Victoria Beckham sings karaoke with David on night out

Victoria and David Beckham have been one of the most famous A-list couples for two decades now, but fans are still learning new things about their relationship.

The pair will open up about their first attractions to one another in the upcoming Beckham Netflix documentary, according to a new teaser.

The fashion designer, 49, and the former football icon, 48, met at a charity football match in 1997 and have now given an insight into that first meeting, plus what their initial thoughts were.

Apparently, Victoria knew David was the one because she claims to have stalked her future husband before having even met him.

In the teaser, Victoria said: “The fact I went to the games really was to – some might say I stalked him, I would say see him.”

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Later, Victoria saw David after a match by the bar in the Manchester United players’ lounge.

She admitted that he caught her eye because he was with his parents and was clearly a family man.

The former singer explained: “When I saw him in the footballers’ lounge, all the other footballers were at the bar, and he was standing and talking to his parents, and I’m very close to my family, and I loved that side to him.”

Adding his side of the story, David simply said: “I just fancied her.”

While Victoria added: “I just fancied him, it was as simple as that.”

Victoria is also set to make a “classy” confession about her and David’s relationship’s early days in their upcoming documentary.

Victoria said: “My manager kept saying, ‘Try and keep it under wraps.’ So we would meet in car parks. And that’s not as seedy as it sounds.”

David pointed out that it was “classy.”

So, it was love at first sight for the couple, and if they were willing to meet in strange places just to see each other, it’s no wonder the couple remain married today.

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They went on to tie the knot at a castle outside Dublin just two after meeting in 1999.

The pair share four children – sons Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 18, and a daughter Harper, 12 – and continue to do everything with one another after 24 years of marriage.

However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the power couple.

Looking back on the period where their combined star power got a bit overwhelming, Victoria added: “It’s entertaining when the circus comes to town, right? Unless you’re in it.”

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