Trump Supporter Goes Ballistic on Woman Flipping Him Off Over Trump Flags

A Trump supporter threatened to punch a woman who flipped him the middle finger over Trump flags on his pickup truck — a frighteningly tense confrontation that shows just how divided America remains.

Their heated exchange went down in Dunedin, FL, and the video starts with the man charging out of his truck like a bull toward the woman. He immediately threatened to knock her phone out of her hand, and begged her to touch him … presumably, so he’d be justified in knocking her out.

The video is intense as he shouts, “Touch me. I dare you. I’ll remove your f**king head.” He also hurled homophobic insults at the woman, and she continued to taunt him over Trump losing. She tried to record his license plate, and he tried to back his truck over her.

The insults keep getting worse, and then an older woman with an accent shows up, and the woman recording yells, “Go back to your own country, b*tch.”

Point is … there’s a whole lot of disgusting shots taken here — 9 days post-election day — and makes ya think President-elect Biden‘s gonna have a tough time unifying America.

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