Tori Spelling Apologizes For Calling Her Daughter 'McQuisha'

“I should have thought about how it could have been perceived and misconstrued before I posted,” Spelling admitted. “I did not. I’m truly sorry.”

Tori Spelling has apologized for a recent post featuring one of her children.

The "Beverly Hills, 90210" star, who shares five kids with husband Dean McDermott, took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to apologize for calling her daughter, Hattie, "McQuisha" and dressing her up in a controversial costume.

"I posted a story the other day that upset many of you. I’m truly sorry. That was NOT the intention at ALL. Hattie is 8. We watch and adore old reruns of ‘Martin,’" Spelling wrote, adding that her daughter "loves" the character Sheneneh, played by Martin Lawrence.

"She made up that name with "Mc" bc her last name is McDermott," the actress continued. "She was reenacting the over the top fun and amazing character from ‘Martin.’ She is innocent and I didn’t mean anything by it. I should have thought about how it could have been perceived and misconstrued before I posted. I did not. I’m truly sorry."

Spelling’s message came less than a day after she shared a photo on her Instagram Story which featured Hattie wearing a teal bandana and Cheetos attached to her fingers with rubber bands, undoubtedly to look like fake nails.

The "Scary Movie 2" star — who is self-quarantining with her family amid the COVID-19 pandemic — wrote, "Days kept inside we have to get creative… Hattie has become McQuisha in her cheeto extension nails."

Spelling ultimately removed the post after she received backlash as many people considered the nickname and costume to be racist, problematic, and an example of cultural appropriation.

"Of all the things y’all could do for entertainment this was the only option?" a Twitter user asked. "Y’all too poor for princess costumes over there? Y’all don’t have crayons? Netflix? @torispelling"

"Racism takes no days off even during a pandemic @torispelling why did you think this was ok ?!?!?!" another person shared. "Let me guess ‘ignorance and you’re so so sorry’"

"You’re a racist who tried to be comedic in THIS time ESPECIALLY!" a person tweeted. "How Ironic is it that you associated a bandana, long nails and an urban to be a dress up game with you daughter children are TAUGHT to be RACIST AND INSENSITIVE TO CULTURAL MISAPPROPRIATION!!!! #🖕🏿🖕🏾🖕🏽

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