Tony Robbins Makes His Followers Drink A "Gross Shot" As Punishment For Being Losers

Tony Robbins is out here trying to feed the hungry and free the slaves but all BuzzFeed News seems to care about are his unorthodox teaching methods which may or may not include alleged groping, unwanted sexual advances, and showing his dong to female employees. Now Tony’s facing claims that he punishes followers who fail to live up to expectations by using the tried-and-true cult method of public humiliation. Tony pulls them on stage and makes them drink something called a “gross shot”. According to BuzzFeed, Tony’s followers are led to believe that gross shots are packed with laxatives and many who drink the “unidentified brown liquid” become ill. Tony doesn’t deny he uses “gross shots” as a motivator, but his lawyers swear it’s a harmless concoction comprised of, in part, pickle juice and Tabasco. And it’s absolutely not made from his precious bodily fluids like I was afraid it would be.

BuzzFeed reports:

Tony Robbins punishes followers who fail at his self-help tasks by calling them onstage in front of large crowds and making them drink an unidentified mixture “designed to have a lasting effect for several hours.”

Video and internal documents reviewed by BuzzFeed News reveal that Robbins places “L” stickers on audience members’ foreheads and then, while the song “Loser” by Beck plays over the speakers, forces them to down a “gross shot” whose contents he does not disclose to them.

David Miscavige is laughing his ass off right now at Tony’s amateurish antics. However, while it may not be criminal, one former staffer categorizes the practice as “highly inappropriate” and that it “falls into the category of public shaming, which is common for Robbins“. And if you thought the worst thing about being at a Tony Robbins seminar was getting yelled at by someone who looks like the twin Thanos absorbed in utero, you never considered the state of the bathrooms at those things.

“Participants were throwing up all over the place, in public restrooms, hotel rooms,” said Gary King, Robbins’ former director of security.

Instead of denying the practice, Tony’s legal team offered the following explanation.

In response to questions, Robbins’ lawyers presented BuzzFeed News with nearly two dozen glowing statements from employees attesting to his character. One current staffer said that no laxatives were used in the “gross shots,” which “usually” consisted of safe ingredients that the venue had to hand, such as pickle juice and tabasco. She added that Robbins uses the shot as a “reminder” to followers to implement the “fundamental business tools” he teaches at the seminar.

Tony also took to Instagram and posted a lengthy response to BuzzFeed’s reporting in which, again, he doesn’t deny any of their claims, but focuses on how they are undermining his charity work. Tony also claims to have been ill and says he recently lost “a third of his blood supply” as he’s trying to rebuild “in the midst of all this”. I tried but couldn’t find anything that backs up Tony’s mysterious illness, but if he says he was exsanguinated, he was exsanguinated. End of story!

So let’s cut poor Tony some slack. If not for him, for the millions of slaves he has yet to free!

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