Tokyo Toni Blasts Blac Chyna’s ‘Toxic’ Ex-Friend Treasure in Instagram Rant

The 47-year-old star says she’s so glad that the Lashed Bar owner is no longer friends with Treasure, whom she accuses of instigating the mother-daughter duo’s feud.

AceShowbizTokyo Toni is more than glad to know that Blac Chyna has ended her friendship with Treasure after 13 years. In a post recently shared on her Instagram page, the 47-year-old Dominican native launched into a rant in which she slammed Treasure and called her “toxic” among other things.

Promising that this would be “the last time I speak on this buried treasure situation,” Toni began by saying, “This woman is very toxic and the word toxic is thrown around a little too weak like. Toxic person memes to me one who causes damage harm and there’s no coming back from toxicity!! To bash your friend on social media because you didn’t like what was portrayed is one thing but to call them other things that’s not true is another.”

Toni went on saying that Treasure was the one who instigated her issues with Chyna. “I let my daughter bump her f***ing head and boy did she learn,” she wrote. “A real friend would never come between a mother and daughter in fact especially if they don’t have one. How is it that in one month me and my daughter on planet Jupiter but was just in hell question mark you have to question who you sleep with you have to question who you f***ing … because the person closest to you can be the one to kill you emotionally physically spiritually because they know too much of you bad move.”

Concluding her lengthy rant, Toni expressed how glad she is now that Chyna and Treasure are no longer friends. “I’m glad she’s finally open her eyes to see the treasure really wasn’t treasure it was just a rock in the way so kick it and move on,” she said.

Chyna and Treasure started feuding back in August, when they were getting into a heated argument that resulted in the latter’s departure from “The Real Blac Chyna”. At the time, Treasure accused the Lashed Bar owner of embezzlement, prompting the latter to get angry and kick her out of her house. They have been at odds ever since that.

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