Tiny Likens Son King Harris to Hot Head T.I. After Teens Altercation With Restaurant Employees

When gushing over her son’s sweet surprise to her by singing Tupac Shakur’s ‘Dear Mama’, the Xscape singer describes King as ‘a gentleman’ and ‘my protector.’

AceShowbizTameka Cottle a.k.a. Tiny Harris has acknowledged one of her son’s bad traits that he apparently inherited from his father. In a new Instagram post, the singer/songwriter has compared the teen to his “hot dead” dad T.I.

Tiny had an interesting choice of words to describe her son while gushing over his sweet surprise to her. Taking to her Instagram page on Thursday, June 16, she posted a video of her getting emotional while King and other rappers belted out a cover of Tupac Shakur‘s “Dear Mama” for her.

“I love this boy @the_next_king10 so much. He’s a gentleman, he’s a hot head like his daddy. He’s my protector. He will give his last to any of his ppl,” Tiny praised her son. She added, “He surprised me with this one. I was trying to hold bck the tears. Cause I ain’t wit all that /crying lol.”

The video, for some reasons, reminded people of King’s recent altercation with restaurant employees over pickle. “This caption DID NOT make me forget how he treated those people and how his daddy excused it. Using hot head in a description like this is very telling,” one person wrote upon seeing the clip. Another similarly said, “Nah we ain’t forget how he acted in Waffle House. Nope.”

Some others thought that Tiny didn’t relate to the song, Tupac’s “Dear Mama”, which part of the lyrics goes, “A poor single mother on welfare.” One of the commenters was Supa Cent, who wrote, “Tiny worked too hard for him to play that song for her” along with several tears of joy emojis.

“I understand but they most definitely can’t relate to those words but it was cute I guess lol,” another weighed in. A third critic claimed, “Now listen… Tiny ain’t never been on welfare don’t put us in that rich people s**t.”

“Idk how he feel he could relate to Tupac struggle and message to his MoMA in this song,” a fourth person questioned. Someone else pointed out, “Tupac mother really struggled. They ain’t grow up in no blk Hollywood Atlanta smh.”

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