Timothée Chalamet Reflects on That 'Epic' Dinner He Had with Kanye West and Pete Davidson

It goes without speaking that this past year was pretty amazing for Timothée Chalamet.

Not only did he give outstanding performances in films like Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird, he also made lasting friendships with some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

You know you’re a celebrity when casual dinners turn into A-lister meet-ups

Although Chalamet has only been in the spotlight for a short amount of time, he’s already been able to experience the many perks of fame.

One of them being the chance to hangout with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, which the actor is still in a daze over.

During an appearance on Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Chalamet recalled the most surreal moment he had at Kid Cudi’s birthday dinner earlier this year.

The Little Women star revealed to Fallon that what started out as a simple “Happy Birthday” text to his “idol” turned into one of the best nights his life, which he seemed more than happy to recount.

“Kid Cudi is my favorite artist ever — I wouldn’t be acting without him. I wouldn’t have pursued this crazy career,” Chalamet expressed. “I just texted him the morning of his birthday and he said, ‘Come to dinner tonight.’ But I did not know what I was walking into… which was awesome, but surreal.”

What Chalamet thought was just going to be a casual dinner with the rapper soon turned into an unimaginable experience once he realized Pete Davidson was joining them.

“Well, I got there and I had a sneaking suspicion that there was not enough seats for everyone, so I thought I was gonna be safe,” he quipped. “Not safe, just what it was. And then, we’re hanging out.”

Chalamet was in a state of shock once Kimye entered the room

Though Chalamet kept his cool in the presence of Davidson, he went on to reveal that his pinch-me moment came once Kanye West and Kim Kardashian walked in on their dinner.

“It feels like there’s an earthquake in the restaurant. It was epic,” he recalled. “You could feel the [energy.] You turn around and I was like, ‘Holy sh*t‘ cause I feel like I’m in this a little bit, but then I also feel like too much of a fraud or something, so I’m like, ‘This is nuts.’”

After realizing he was in the same room as the celebrity power couple, the 23-year-old recounts texting his friends to make sure all of this was real.

“I went to the bathroom and seriously, I sent a text to two friends, like, ‘Am I worthy? Does this make sense?’” he shared. “They were like, ‘Man, 16-year-old you would slap the sh*t out of you and go back to the table.’ So, I went to the table and then it was fine.”

To make the night even more epic, the celebs posed together for one of the most beloved photos of the year, which is definitely on the same level as Ellen DeGeneres’ 2014 Oscars selfie.

Though Chalamet is still getting used to fame, we’re pretty sure having dinner with fellow A-list celebrities will become a second nature to him pretty soon.

And if these stars plan on having another meetup like this, we’ll be sure to keep a close eye out for our invite!

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