TikTok sensation GK Barry – "I want to be the next Alan Carr, but with breasts"

Boasting a whopping 3.3 million followers on TikTok, GK Barry, real moniker Grace Keeling, has made a successful career out of the popular video streaming app.

And now, the 24-year-old influencer is hoping to crack the TV industry, after a recent stint on Don't Look Down for Stand Up 2 Cancer, where she starred alongside names such as Paddy McGuinness, Kimberley Wyatt and Chris Hughes.

Looking to make the move from social media to the small screen more permanent, Grace told OK!: "I'd absolutely love to do more TV. I want to be Alan Carr but with breasts!

"His old talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, is the vibe that I'd actually love. I think a presenting job like that is the ultimate end goal for me."

Beginning her TikTok account in 2020, Grace quickly shot to fame shortly after posting a number of relatable videos, leading to her making the platform her full-time job and step down from working at Costa Coffee.

Already on the right path, Grace hosts the podcast Saving Grace, where she has welcomed a multitude of celebrities, including Alison Hammond, Katie Price, Mark Wright and Madison Beer.

She has also formed even more connections from her stint on Don't Look Down, which saw a group of celebrities head to the Alps to master the art of high-wire walking.

The show has opened up Grace's audience from social media to mainstream TV, which comes with both positives and negatives.

"Going on to the show, I went in blind and didn't get any tips, because I didn't really know anyone who had done a show like this before. I'm not sure whether that was a good or bad thing.

"I didn't realise, going in to it, how much hate you can get online from being on TV. You're reaching out to different audiences, whereas, before I was very comfortable with my teenage and young adult audience.

"But now, it's a place where some older people are watching, and, they might not get my humour or like me. So I'm learning to deal with and not concentrate on that."

Grace continued: "It can be difficult because I'll see people posting things like: 'This girl is so unfunny and is trying too hard', which really makes you second guess yourself. Because then I think: 'Am I not funny? Am I trying to o hard?, which can make you question things."

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