They’re a f***ing disgrace! Noel Gallagher slams Labour and vows to start his own party

Noel Gallagher fails to answer phone on Zoe Ball's show

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Despite being a millionaire, passionately political former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher had stayed true to his working class roots in the past by voting Labour. However, Noel is now adamant he’ll be going nowhere near the ballot box.

I f***ing hate the Labour Party, they’re a f***ing disgrace.

Noel Gallagher

Opposing the party in no uncertain terms, the 54-year-old rocker raged: “I f***ing hate the Labour Party, they’re a f***ing disgrace.

“They’ve betrayed the working classes, they’ve betrayed ordinary people and they’ve allowed this shower to run the country for however long they’ve f***ing run the country.

“The modern Labour Party is middle-class ****s who f***ing hate the working class, they hate them, it’s as simple as that.”

He added candidly: “I haven’t voted for years.

“Anyone in their right mind who does take part in that whole circus is a f***ing idiot.”

When Oasis first formed 30 years ago during the height of a Conservative government, the council estate-born Mancunian had hoped Labour would give a voice to the poor.

At the 1997 Brit Awards a few years later, he announced on stage that the party “was giving a little hope to young people in this country”.

Two months after that, he would be seen shaking hands with Tony Blair at a Downing Street party celebrating his election victory.

However, when Blair resigned a decade later, he turned against the direction the party was taking – and, as of 2021, he has joked that he should start his own.

“They are not capable of running an after-show party,” the Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds musician, who will tour the UK this summer, jeered.

“I should start a new party called the After Show Party, it would be great.”

He has also sneered that the success of Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson was only possible due to how poor the opposition had become.

“He is the symbol of how f***ing disgraceful the Labour Party are,” Noel continued to The Sun.

“If that man and this Conservative party won a landslide against the Labour Party then what are we saying about the f***ing Labour Party. A f***ing disgrace.”

Noel has also hit out at those who believe he is now a Tory, insisting he is firmly “middle ground”.

“I see it written about myself a lot that I’m a Tory because I don’t vote Labour,” he exclaimed.

“So it’s like, ‘Right, so because I don’t believe in your version of the Labour Party that must make me a Conservative’.

“The arrogance of that comment by young, middle-class csuckers is staggering. And if you don’t vote then you must be a Tory.

“Every time I earn a pound, 50 per cent of it goes to the Government. Half of everything, I pay 50 per cent tax. If I was that much of a Tory then I’d live in Switzerland wouldn’t I?”

Quick to present himself as a man of the people, he added: “Those of us that stay here and pay 50 per cent of everything to a failing f***ing country proves that we’re not money-grabbing c***s.”

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