Theyll have to take me out! Nadia Sawalha defiantly addresses future on Loose Women

Nadia Sawalha discusses her 'rainbow baby' after miscarriage

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Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha has spoken about her future on the popular ITV chat show. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the mother-of-two, 57, joked that she would have to be carried off of the programme “in a box”, while discussing other projects she is currently working on.

They’ll have to take me out in a box

Nadia Sawalha

Speaking about projects she has in the works, the star enthused over her YouTube channel, which she runs with her husband Mark Adderley.

Nadia said: “It’s like a patchwork quilt of everything that we love.

“It’s just amazing to not have to be waiting with a channel and going, ‘Do you like this idea? Do you think you might want to do it?’ and just picking up the camera and just doing it yourself.

“And we have this amazing skill set because my husband is a filmmaker and editor you know, I’ve been presenting for how many years?” Nadia added.

However, the ITV star went on to reveal what her YouTube venture meant for her current presenting responsibilities.

“I love my job on Loose Women, I’ll never leave Loose Women, they’ll have to take me out in a box,” she divulged.

She continued: “It’s a show where we really do reveal a lot of ourselves, as much as we were allowed within the parameters of TV.

“We are ourselves but glammed up and we’re still, I mean, I go to Loose Women and when I come back my kids don’t know who I am,” Nadia joked.

Nadia was one of the original Loose Women panellists when it first aired over two decades ago.

The star took an 11-year break from the programme in 2002 before returning in 2013 as part of a revamp.

During her break from the ITV show, Nadia took on co-hosting roles on The One Show and Keeping Up with the Joneses, as well as Junior Masterchef and Wanted Down Under.

Elsewhere in the interview, Nadia candidly told how she “wasn’t functioning” behind the scenes due to experiencing “irrational terror” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ITV host explained that she was most worried for her children and parents.

“The hardest thing was being scared for my elderly parents who live next door,” Nadia candidly admitted.

“But apart from that, because I’m such a homebody, I was alright with being at home so much.

“But I think after a while, we really did take each other a bit for granted,” she said.

The TV personality explained that she was able to get through each day by looking for “sparks of joy” in every moment, which she credits with helping her though.

Nadia went on: “That’s what got me through the pandemic, because at the beginning, I was in such a state of – I had such irrational terror that I just wasn’t functioning.

“And then the way I turned it round for myself was like, ‘Okay, stay right here, right now, in this minute, where’s the spark of joy?’

“‘What are the simple things that can get you through the next hour and the next one,’ and I did that – day, after day, after day,” she revealed.

Nadia Sawalha is working with AXA UK for the Get Back to the Good Stuff Campaign.

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