The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Halftime performance: pretty great or terrifying?

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At the end of the day, the Weeknd – aka Abel Tesfaye – didn’t bring out any guest stars for his Super Bowl Halftime show. I didn’t believe Abel would be enough, but honestly… it was fine. It wasn’t the best ever – not while Beyonce lives and breathes – but it was far from the worst. I appreciated the fact that Abel took it seriously, wanted to create some really big visuals and that he choreographed the sh-t out of it. Things I didn’t appreciate: the Tethered Zombie Dance Army. It was ghoulish! But maybe it was supposed to be – Abel was so clearly going for a Nu Thriller vibe, a new Michael Jackson energy. Here’s the Halftime Show:

You know what was funny to me? All of the cocaine jokes people were making on Twitter? Once you hear all of Abel’s hits jammed together in 14 minutes, you realize how many of his songs are about cocaine. Except my favorite song of his, “The Hills,” which is about cocaine and a woman who is most likely A*iana G*ande. There were also some volume issues in the first few minutes? But the sound improved. Anyway, I would say… yeah, a pretty good Halftime show. He didn’t need guest stars because he made his good songs sound like major bangers (even when they weren’t). Confession: I enjoyed J.Lo and Shakira a lot more than this.

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