The One Shows Alex Jones left just in a bra after embarrassing TV wardrobe blunder

The One Show: Alex Jones tearfully thanks ‘one in a million’ boy

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Alex Jones is well known as the main presenter of The One Show but she revealed she hasn’t always been so composed behind the camera. In a recent interview, the broadcaster opened up about her “most embarrassing” moment.

Alex has been working as a presenter since she left university at 21.

She began in the industry as a television researcher before landing a role on BBC Choice.

However, it was in her early broadcasting when she suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

In a recent Q&A, she recalled: “At one of my first jobs as a researcher in TV, I pulled my coat off and I was just in my bra.”

“I had forgotten to put on a T-shirt,” the presenter added to the Guardian.

The star didn’t go into any more detail about the faux pas, aside from revealing it was a while ago.

However, this isn’t the first time Alex has opened up about the tricky situation.

Back in 2011, she spoke on Comic Relief about what happened.

The broadcaster explained: “My most embarrassing moment is leaving the house one morning.

“When I got to work I took off my coat and sat down at my desk and realised that I had not put a T-shirt on.

“I was sat there in my bra.”

Alex has also had her fair share of wardrobe issues during her time on The One Show as well.

Back in March, viewers pointed out she was matching Mr Blobby after she wore a light pink jumper with yellow circles.

The presenter joked about the comparisons as she said: “I’ve had lots of comments as well on Twitter.

“Thank you very much, saying how much I look like Mr Blobby.

“To be fair, now that you mention it… I can’t help but agree.

“Why didn’t I see that before I got dressed?”

Alex recently went on maternity leave from the evening magazine show to have her third child.

Posting on Instagram last week, she wrote: “And just like that it’s time to say goodbye to the show temporarily and get ready to welcome our little girl.

“Thank you to everyone who sent their best wishes tonight.

“You’ll know that I’m prone to a good cry on the show at the best of times but seeing those messages at the end, especially from mum and dad and Charlie really set me off.

“Thanks to our viewers for helping keep me sane during this last year and a half and for the warm welcome every night.

“I’ll miss being on that sofa at 7 and of course, the brilliant team who work so hard behind the scenes.”

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