The Last Summer’s Halston Sage Starred On a Nickelodeon Show You Probably Forgot About

Halston Sage‘s brand new flick, The Last Summer, is out now on Netflix!

The 25-year-old actress plays Erin in the new movie, who presumably splits with Alec (Jacob Latimore) and has the cutest meet-cute ever with pro baseball player, Ricky Santos (Tyler Posey).

What you might not know about Halston is that she has had a TON of other roles in movies and television!

In fact, Halston actually starred on Nickelodeon’s How to Rock as Grace King aka VamPERF Grace. Who else remembers this show?

Other projects you might’ve seen her in include Before I Fall, You Get Me, Paper Towns and even Goosebumps.

Most recently, Halston starred on The Orville, and also just joined the Prodigal Son series.

In the latter project, she’ll play Ainsley, Bright’s younger sister, a successful TV journalist with a good sense of humor. Younger and more normal(ish) than Bright, they have a good relationship, but she’s an emotional spark plug.

You can stream The Last Summer on Netflix now!

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