Teen Mom Star Catelyn Lowell Warns 'Thirsty Girls' Commenting On Tyler Baltierra's HAWT New Shirtless Selfie!

Tyler Baltierra has been working hard on his fitness journey — and he’s ready to show it off with a few sexy, shirtless selfies under the sun!

There’s just one problem: his wife Catelynn Lowell doesn’t really care for all these other women on social media looking at her man like that. And she’s definitely not afraid to tell them all off for trying to get their hooks into this reality TV hunk!

This week, Tyler shared another shirtless selfie to his Instagram page — one of several that have popped up there in 2021, ever since he’s made a commitment to exercise, put on muscle mass, and lose body fat. Heck, a few months ago, he revealed he’d gained 34 pounds of muscle since really starting to work out at full effort in the beginning of 2020, which is amazing!

Clearly, the Teen Mom star is proud of his fitness journey, as you can see (below) when he claims he “won’t ever stop fighting” while getting fit, strong, and tough:


A post shared by Tyler Baltierra (@tylerbaltierramtv)

Super sexy!

And the content definitely caught the eye of his MTV-star wife, who commented quickly on the post (below):

“Heyyyyy sexyyyyyy!”

Love it!

Except… she wasn’t the only one who took notice of Tyler’s sexy new physique! In fact, very quickly, Tyler’s comments section became filled up with fire emojis, and heart-eyes emojis, and a bunch of other thirsty comments confirming what we all already knew: the dude looks GREAT!

Catelynn clearly saw those comments, too, because a few hours later she added this jaw-dropping response trying to drive out all the smitten women seeking her husband’s attention, punctuated by a few cry-laughing emojis to finish it out:

“All these thirsty girls on here STAY wishing because this is what I sleep next to every night and forever!!! #gtfoh”

Now THAT is called marking your territory! LOLz!

To be honest, though, it didn’t go over so well with some commenters! A few used their space to call Catelynn out for going over the top in defense of her man, as you can see (below):

“I just followed you because I saw a comment from ‘someone’ saying fans were thirsty. People enjoy the hot pic. Keep on posting them.”

“You should also focus on encouraging your wife … She needs to be motivated to do something with her health. Considering she has 2 daughters.”

“If you can’t handle girls making comments on his Instagram then maybe stay off Instagram. Seriously what else did you expect?”

Commenters sure don’t hold back, do they?!

What do U make of this little shirtless mini-drama  and Catelynn’s clear defense of her beloved hubby, Perezcious readers?!

Sound OFF with your take on everything here down in the comments (below)…

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