Tati Westbrook 'weaponized by Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson' against James Charl

Just when you thought the YouTube beauty community couldn’t get any more scandalous, Tati Westbrook has dropped yet another bombshell confessional video.

The beauty guru all but broke the internet last year when she released a 40 minute ‘Bye Sister’ expose video about James Charles and his alleged problematic behaviour.

And now the social media influencer has turned around and apologized to James for the May 2019 video, claiming she had been ‘manipulated’ by Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson at the time.

She claims her fellow YouTubers fed her ‘poisonous lies’ about her ‘sister’ before making her public apology.

Tati stated: ‘He deserves my first apology. I am really sorry, James. And I’ve said that privately but I want you to hear it publicly.’

Tati also explained that James Charles wanted to be in this video but she thought it would be best if she did it alone.


Tati explained: ‘On the advice of my attorneys I cannot share with all of you right now the evidence that we have accumulated of the events that have occurred however there will soon come a day where we will be able to present this evidence and you will be able to see why it is we believe that Jeffree and Shane are responsible for so much of the damage that has been caused.

‘I can tell you this it’s now my opinion that Jeffrey and Shane were both bitterly jealous of James Charles’s success Jeffree resented that so much of his business was centered around his biggest rival and Shane did not like that James Charles wanted to make a documentary.’

She continued: ‘Neither of them were happy with standing in his shadow on YouTube anymore. I believe James Charles was gaining more followers and receiving more views and more press faster than anyone in the history on the platform and it’s also my opinion that Jeffrey and Shane needed James marginalized and out of the way for their November launch of the conspiracy palette along with Shane’s merch.’

Tati added: ‘I’ve also recently been informed that Jeffree is allegedly a co-owner of Morphe before the scandal occurred I had also been told that James Charles was about to develop an entire cosmetics line with the owners of Morphe.

“The entire situation opens up a Pandora’s box of speculation but I’m just not sure anyone counted on this drama spreading like wildfire. It’s my opinion that everyone involved got scared and their plan changed multiple times as I refused to play along or engage with the drama over the next several months a year later,” she says.

She continued: It is now my opinion that James Charles was not their only intended target I believe that there are many different people who have unclean hands in all of this and there was a coordinated plan to keep me quiet and pushed me out of the way for other business reasons.’

The YouTube star then took to Instagram Live to share his live reaction to the video as he repeated: ‘I am losing my mind, this is so f**cked. I can’t process this, this is insane.

This woman is… I can’t, I don’t want to say mean things about people. You are so manipulate. You are fake crying. That is not real, oh my God.’

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