Takes its toll Julia Bradbury in breast cancer update weeks after left breast removed

Julia Bradbury provides tips for other who've had a mastectomy

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JULIA BRADBURY has given fans a candid health update today, after undergoing a mastectomy last month following a breast cancer diagnosis.

And while the TV presenter, who announced her breast cancer to fans back in September, has made tremendous progress since her operation, in her latest Twitter update she admits to still feeling plenty of pain and discomfort. Fortunately for Julia Bradbury, 51, though, she’s found several ways to ease the aching.

I’m taking it one day at a time & wanted to share this little tip

Julia Bradbury

In the two-minute clip, Julia shared a string of tips that have helped during her recovery these last few weeks, including a heart-shaped pillow that she places under her arm to ease any soreness.

“The reason they are so comforting is that they fit underneath your arm, and if you’ve had a mastectomy or an operation on your boob, of course, you’re very tender and sore under there,” she told her 150,000 followers.

“So, you want something that just sits and supports you, and that’s why they’re so brilliant.”

Julia then showed her post-mastectomy bra, which she says she’ll continue to wear for the next month as it “holds everything in” while her breasts steadily heal from the operation. 

Her next tip is using cold packs wrapped in a tea towel to reduce swelling around the breast and underarm.

“I place that cold pack underneath my boob, or sometimes you can put it underneath your arm,” she said.

“You can even tuck it in sometimes to your bra like that, and then put your comfy pyjamas over, get that heart-shaped pillow in there, and it really eases the pain.

“So, if you’re going through this, that’s my recommendation for you.”

Julia captioned her upload: “Recovery from #breastcancer treatment is slow & takes it toll emotionally. Once you’ve come to terms with your treatment plan (lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, aromatose inhibitors, selective oestrogen receptor modulators) which are all pretty hardcore, then you have to plan your future. 

“I’m taking it one day at a time & wanted to share this little tip to ease discomfort, post- mastectomy.”

The Countryfile star had her left breast along with a six-centimetre tumour removed during her mastectomy operation in October. 

And while she felt “relieved” to have had the surgery, she felt “sad” that such a “brutal” treatment was necessary to clear the affected cells from her body.

Just two weeks after her mastectomy, Julia told fans that she was already out of her house to embark on short morning strolls in her garden. 

“I’m not pushing it (I’m under doctor’s orders to take it easy), but I need the outdoor time for my mental health too,” she stressed.


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“Exercise helps fight cancer & can help with recovery too. The required dose of exercise isn’t the same for all cancers.

“Some cancers may affect parts of the body that make certain exercises dangerous.”

Julia made sure to let her fans know that she’s not doing anything that hasn’t been approved by her doctor, adding that talking short walks every other day is actually contributing to her health improvement.

“These days, just two weeks after my mastectomy, the garden will do. In my PJ’s,” she added.

Julia hopes that by speaking so openly about her breast cancer diagnosis and her mastectomy, it will inspire other women to get tested. 

Speaking to Mail Online, she said her main focus was to fight her cancer so that she can live a healthy life and be there for her partner, Gerard Cunningham, and their three children; Zephyr, Zanthe and Zena. 

“I still need to be a mum to my kids, a partner and a working woman, I’m still Julia.

“My plan is to come through it and out the other side, and I hope to be able to do that bravely enough so that women who are scared to get tested, to get a diagnosis, go ahead,” she told them.

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