Soft Cell’s Marc Almond Suffering From Sinus Damage After Coronavirus Battle

The British musician finds out his sinuses were damaged after he went to see doctors when he felt his voice sounded strange following his battle with Covid-19.

AceShowbizMarc Almond has been left with lasting sinus damage after battling the coronavirus earlier this year (20).

The Soft Cell frontman revealed in an interview with Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper that he feared his vocal cords had been permanently damaged by Covid-19, but found out after visiting the doctors that his sinuses had taken the brunt of the virus.

“I went for some check-ups recently because I was worried about my vocal cords, I’d been doing some vocals in the studio and sometimes I’m absolutely great, but other days I’m sounding strange,” he explained.

“My vocal cords are actually in fantastic shape, it’s my sinuses that have been damaged quite a bit so I have to go on a month’s course of steroids to mend them.”

The “Tainted Love” singer managed to avoid going to the hospital with his symptoms, but admitted his health struggle was “very scary and worrying” for a time.

And while he’s over the worst of the virus, the 63-year-old is still finding some days easier than others.

“Even though we’re five months later, even now I still get symptoms occasionally,” he sighed. “I’ll feel fantastic for a few days and then I get breathing problems and (become) very fatigued.”

However, Marc is optimistic he will “get over” the virus, noting, “It’s nothing compared to what some people have been through.”

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