Shaquille O'Neal Raises $2 Million For Charity With NFT Sale

The Big Diesel is officially The Big Generous now … ’cause Shaquille O’Neal just raised $2 MILLION for charity — all by selling some unique NFTs of himself.

The NBA legend, along with NFT platform Notables, dropped the collection of the digital images earlier this month … and TMZ Sports has learned they all sold out on Monday.

In total, they brought in a small fortune — which Shaq and his camp say is all going toward The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation, which helps underserved youth in America.

The NFTs were pretty awesome — each one featured unique depictions of The Big Aristotle … showing the former Lakers superstar in different costumes with funny facial expressions.

Some had him in Lakers-colored gear, while others had him wearing a Magic-themed uniform. Some even showed him with donuts, pizza and Christmas lights.

Shaq’s team says they’re all “1-of-1 unique digital collectibles” — and the hope is they continue to bring in money for charity going forward.


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