Shaggy Says 'Christmas in the Islands' is Taste of the Holidays in Jamaica

Shaggy does his Christmas a little different than most of us, which is why he’s dropping new holiday tunes to spread some holiday cheer … Jamaican style, of course!

The singer was on “TMZ Live” Wednesday to reveal how he’s spending this Christmas at his island home, and it sounds like the best party you can imagine. In fact, Shaggy says those festivities inspired him to release a deluxe version of his “Christmas in the Islands” album.

Yes, the record includes his reggae-flavored covers of classics like “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “Silent Night” … but it also has originals that reflect the way he and his family have always spent Christmas.

The difference between what he’s singing and Nat King Cole‘s takes — tons of reggae and dancehall. Shaggy admits his holiday traditions might not be exactly the same as the typical ones in America, and that’s why he’s out to blend cultures for everyone’s get-togethers.

Of course, a streaming Christmas album could also mean big bucks — people love them some holiday playlists this time of year … which Shaggy acknowledges might be the best gift of all for his kids.

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