Sarah Jessica Parker won’t attend this year’s Met Gala, so enjoy her weird Elie Saab

Here are some photos of Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in NYC over the weekend. These photos are notable for the fashion (which is why I’m covering them) but they’re also notable because this was what SJP and Andy did instead of attending tonight’s Met Gala. SJP always goes to the Met Gala, and Andy is always her date. I don’t think Matthew Broderick gives a sh-t about any of this, and SJP likely has more fun at these events when she goes with Andy. I feel like they bring out their worst Mean Girl antics in each other though. In any case, Andy Cohen told Entertainment Tonight that they aren’t going to the Met Gala this year because they both have to work.

Anyway, let’s talk fashion – SJP wore this insane Elie Saab gown to the GLAAD event. The thing is, I love the fabric and the colors. I absolutely adore these shades of blue, and the fabric looks rich and beautiful. But of course I feel like SJP put her stink on it with those sleeves and with that styling. The sleeves make this look like a costume, and the styling is so blah. Wow, a center part on flat-ironed hair? Never seen that before, SJP. The shower puff used as a hat? How avant-garde! This is what we get because we’re not getting SJP-Met Gala photos.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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