Rory Kinnear heartbreakingly shares he buried his sister on day of Downing Street party

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Rory Kinnear, 43, has described the heartbreaking day he buried his sister Karina in 2020 as he condemned the Government for allegedly permitting a gathering to take place in the garden of Downing Street while the nation remained in a strict lockdown. The actor branded the Government officials’ actions “direct assaults” to his family and everyone else in the UK.

In an insightful piece for The Guardian, Rory confessed that he and his sister had joined his mother in her garden following the funeral, despite it being against the lockdown restirctions.

However, he stressed that they believed it was “the least our grief would permit.”

Rory added that during his walk that evening, he felt “grateful” that his “community” was “taking the deaths of people such as my sister as seriously and profoundly as I was.”

He explained that his neighbours, too, felt that “we were all in it together.”

But Rory continued: “Well, not all of us, it turns out. Not them.

“Just under two miles separates my corner of London from the garden of Downing Street.

“I am, today, haunted by the tinkling of those glasses there on that sun-drenched night, the echoing of their thin laughter, the stifled chuckles as they practised their imagined denials and, most perniciously, the leadership that encouraged it to happen.

“Their actions feel like direct assaults in the face of my family’s, and all of our shared national, tragedy.”

Rory’s heartfelt piece sent shockwaves through fans, who took to Twitter to participate in the debate surrounding the purported Downing Street lockdown party.

Jenny_stevens tweeted: “Have to admit, I cried at my desk editing this incredible piece by Rory Kinnear.

“People think it’s easy to write coherently through rage and grief – but it is not.

“He manages it though, beautifully.”

ChrisWi80901097 added: “The dignity of this piece by Rory Kinnear is so powerful.

“He speaks as many did, the belief of adhering to rules in extremely difficult & poignant times, would help us to stay safe and we would. Things would be resolved.

“My contempt for No 10 increases daily.”

Wiredguytv said: “I agree such a beautifully moving article with deep honesty and pathos for everyone’s pain.

“Yet our leaders ‘them’ some how couldn’t care less.

“I bet they don’t even read such pieces.

“How could they when ‘them’ are too busy partying to soothe their busy days.” (sic)

Corrie_corfield wrote: “That’s heartbreaking. Can only hope that shower at No 10 read it and weep …(but somehow doubt it.)”

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