Rebekah Vardy’s dad lift the lid on his daughter’s friendship with Coleen Rooney

Rebekah Vardy's dad has claimed his daughter's Instagram account was hacked amid the WAG war.

Carlos Miranda, 66, has shed some light on his daughter's friendship with Coleen Rooney as the headline-grabbing scandal rumbles on.

Coleen accused someone who has access to Rebekah's Instagram account of leaking fake stories about her over the years.

Now Carlos has shown his public support to his daughter and he offered an insight into Rebekah's friendship with Coleen after the selling stories bombshell.

The dad shared Rebekah thought very highly of her fellow WAG Coleen and only "praised" her.

He told The Daily Mail : "I can't believe a pro's wife would say something like that to another pro's wife without any proof whatsoever.

"Jamie and Wayne played together and it's just awful that people can make accusations like that, especially when Rebekah is pregnant. Her account must have been hacked.

"I felt I had to say something because my daughter is so upset by the whole thing. Rebekah has only ever had praise for Coleen – I'm just stunned."

Coleen waged war on Rebekah when she claimed her Instagram was the mole behind a series of fake stories in the news.

She told her fans how she traced the source by only allowing Rebekah's account to view the stories she made up.

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