Ralf Little shares ‘excruciatingly embarrassing’ moment involving girlfriend

Lorraine: Ralf Little says he had a 'debate' with girlfriend

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Death In Paradise star Ralf Little has opened up about his personal relationship in view of his Twitter followers. The star who plays DI Neville Parker in the BBC drama is currently in a relationship with an American playwright and screenwriter.

I am British and therefore find this kind of complaining excruciatingly embarrassing.”

Ralf Little

While the pair occasionally share parts of their relationship with their social media followers, Ralf has now explained he has kept his most embarrassing moment private.

Ralf, 41, has been in a relationship with long-term girlfriend, Lindsey Ferrentino, a playwright and screenwriter.

Lindsey, 32, grew up in both New York and Florida with her father, who was a comedian.

The happy couple met when Ralf was cast in a production by Lindsey and got together shortly after.

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Despite Lindsey living in America, the couple became engaged to be married in 2018.

Now, Ralf has given fans an insight into one of their awkward date nights when he played to the British stereotype.

In view of his 263,800 followers, Little tweeted: “My (American) other half is on the phone quite rightly berating a company for their terrible customer service, and I have had to listen to music in my headphones because I am British and therefore find this kind of complaining excruciatingly embarrassing.”

The Oldham born actor went on to add: “She always reminds me of a night, at a restaurant, when I spent fully 5 mins telling her how awful my food was.”

“Then the waiter came over and asked if everything was ok and I immediately replied ‘Mmm delicious!’ and rubbed my tummy like a King just finishing a delectable banquet,” he continued.

Ralf’s fans on the micro-blogging site went on to share their thoughts of his rather memorable experiences.

One tweeted: “Haha.. no need to make a fuss. Just eat the food, pay and even leave a tip and then moan all the way home and the rest of the year until you go back to the same place.”

“Hilarious! My hubby is the same. If my food isn’t good, I will say politely. I just think we look forward to a nice meal out (when it’s allowed) we pay top whack, and expect it to be nice. Not really too much to ask is it?, [sic]” penned a second.

A third added: “This is literally me and my fiancé in two tweets.”

Before a fourth quipped: “It’s the British way…”

Speaking at the time of their engagement, Ralf told The Mirror: “She said to me if she ever got engaged there’s only one ring for her – her grandma’s, it’s absolutely beautiful. And free. I was like, ‘Brilliant!’

“She’s my best friend. This is the real thing for me. I’ve never been engaged before.

“I’m the last of my friends to have kids – everyone is starting to think it’s a bit weird.”

However, they have no current plans to consider starting their own family.

“People ask us about children but we need to think where we are going to live first.

“We have the longest of long-distance relationships, she lives in the States,” said Ralf.

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