Queens speech to show shes still boss as crucial moment unites rock solid royals, source says

The Queen's speech will reflect "unity forged in adversity" both across the country – and within the Royal Family, a palace source says.

It's not been an easy year for Her Majesty who lost her husband of 73 years after a string of blows to the monarchy, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's accusations of racism within The Firm.

But the most crushing blow – when the Duke of York was served papers over his association with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – brought the institution together, sources say.

"That was the moment that led to the family working in consultation," a palace source told the Telegraph.

"That was really the beginning of the formulation of what you could call a Queen, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge alliance."

And how the royals have endured a year of dramatic interviews and ongoing investigations is clear to one source, who says "unity forged in adversity" will be the Queen's top line.

Although the Queen is expecting scaled-back festivities due to Covid, one tradition is expected to ensue: the annual speech.

The tradition began with a radio broadcast from King George V in 1932, with the Queen taking over in 1952. Elizabeth’s first televised message was in 1952 and she has missed it only once since.

"What [this year has] proved is that when it comes to the big issues, they all think alike," a different palace source said.

"You couldn't get a bit of paper between them. Therefore, there is this continuity: they understand what's important and what isn't.

"When push comes to shove, can you be half a member of the Royal family or not? No you can't. They're rock solid on that. You've got to go out and be seen – they all agree on that."

A third source added: "The Queen is still very much the boss. I see it almost like a chairman, COO, CEO roles. She sets the values and makes the ultimate decision, [the Prince of Wales] advises and enforces, and [the Duke of Cambridge] provides further advice and support.

"They all have different strengths. They all have, very usefully, different perspectives as well.

"It helps, when you're taking decisions that people will have different views about, if you've got multi-generational apparatus for trying to get to the right answer. The consequence of that of course is that it brings father and son closer together, and all three ultimately closer together because they're doing more all together."

From 1957 to 2020, the Queen has been filmed delivering her speech from Buckingham Palace every year.

The only year the annual message wasn’t broadcasted was in 1969, which was the same year a documentary about her family was released.

Entitled Royal Family, the documentary was aired by BBC One and ITV in June 1969.

Due to the rare insight into her personal life, Her Majesty reportedly thought the public knew enough about her and therefore cancelled the broadcasting of her speech that Christmas.

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