Prince Harry pulled face at Andrew demanding mangoes from staff, royal chef claims

Prince Harry reportedly “pulled a face” whenever his uncle Prince Andrew spoke to kitchen staff, according to royal biographer Chris Hutchins.

The Duke of Sussex was said to be appalled by the Duke of York’s manners, and the author even referenced an occasion when the 37 year old prince spotted Andrew demanding his “mangoes” from kitchen chefs.

Hutchins had previously reported for his book in 2013 on how former Royal family staff member Darren McGrady recalled the late Princess Diana’s determination to instil respect and manners in her two sons Prince William, 39, and Harry.

It mattered so much to her that she would “often bring William and Harry down to the kitchen to say thank you after a meal they’d enjoyed”.

Now Hutchins has claimed in his book Harry: The People's Prince that when the royal was young, he would “pull a face” and cringe over how Prince Andrew came across in the royal kitchen.

“Andrew always came straight to the point and told you exactly what he wanted,” McGrady had told the biographer.

“Whereas Harry had been taught to say ‘Please may I have…’, Andrew would bark, ‘Where are my mangoes? I want my mangoes.’”

The author went on to say that he wasn’t “surprised” the Duke had turned out so “similar” to his mother as an adult, really valuing manners and being kind and respectful to workers around him.

“She doted on him,” the writer reflected.

Hutchins also observed that Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was always trying to be like her sister-in-law Diana.

“Fergie was always trying to copy her,” the biographer said. “She would do it with Beatrice and Eugenie.

“But it was so obvious that she was just trying to be Diana.

“Plus, she’d get the names of the chefs wrong," Hutchins added.

Over the last two years, Harry's relationship with his some of his family has cooled due to him making the decision to step back from the Royal family and move to America.

When he and Meghan did their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March last year, the rift grew even further.

Recently, Prince Charles has made moves to extend an olive branch to his youngest son when he praised him for his work to raise awareness on the climate change crisis.

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