Porsha Williams’ Daughter, Pilar, Purses Her Tiny Lips In Adorable New Photo

Amid rumors of Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley splitting up, their daughter, two-month-old Pilar, gave a look that was half-sass, half-shady, but all cute!

“Focused. Intelligent. Motivated. Oh, and cute!” Pilar Jhena McKinley’s Instagram captioned a photo of Porsha Williams’ two-month-old daughter on June 8. In the pic, Pilar’s lips are pursed together like she was born to take a selfie. Pilar’s expression, which was très adorable, could also be taken for that type of shady glares that babies naturally throw. Now, whenever someone suggests that Porsha, 37, and Dennis McKinley’s relationship is on the rocks, they can just hold up Pilar. Their baby will give those haters a look so strong that it will shut that nonsense down.

Pilar Jhena showed she could make the best (and cutest) stink faces in a picture Porsha uploaded to her Instagram on June 3. “PJ is a whole mood,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star captioned the shot, and she wasn’t kidding. With bags around her eyes and her chin dressing on her wrist, baby PJ looks like she’s so over whatever is going on. Thankfully, Pilar was more enthusiastic about the mani/pedi that her mom gave her the next day. “Baby sometimes I just need some me time #SpaDayTheBabyWay #Mani/Pedi #PjsWorld,” Porsha captioned the video.

Porsha and Dennis welcomed Pilar on March 22, and two months later, there seemed to be trouble in paradise when Porsha apparently unfollowed Dennis on Instagram. Porsha’s sister, Lauren, and mother, Diane, supposedly stopped following him as well. Around that time, she also shared a quote to her Instagram stories that left fans buzzing. “Not gonna worry tonight. God had it LAST time. God has it THIS time.” However, shortly after all this went down, Porsha was back to following Dennis on Instagram. He seemingly responded to all these split rumors by sharing a meme that also said all that mattered to him was his fiancée and baby girl.

It seems that everything is coming up roses for Porsha. In addition to having Dennis and Pilar in her life, it appears that she and longtime RHOA nemesis Kenya Moore are on good terms. Kenya is back for season 12 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and while she and Porsha were filming at the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo, the two were all smiles. After so many years of feuding, it appears they’ve managed to put aside their bad blood (even if it’s just while the cameras are rolling.) Now, that‘s something to smile about.

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