Piers Morgan brands Corrie star unhinged and selfish in clash over anti-vax protest

Boris Johnson says double jabs will be ‘liberator’ for travel

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Piers Morgan reacted to a video which showed protesters outside ITV studios earlier this week. In the clip, a crowd were seen clashing with police who tried to calm the situation down. Piers shared the video in view of his 7.9 million followers, highlighting that the protest in the video was filmed at the ITV studio and not the BBC, as stated.

He wrote: “It’s ITV’s HQ now, you f*****g imbeciles.”

Sean Ward hit back at the broadcaster’s comments, tweeting: “Sorry what was that Piers?!? Imbeciles?!?

“No worried mothers & fathers actually!! We did both ITV & the BBC, this beautiful officer helped us.

“You silly old clown.”

In response to Sean’s tweet, another queried the anti-vaxxers point.

They asked: “Why are you protesting about something that is a choice? Have the jab, don’t have the jab – choice is yours.

“But don’t say Covid isn’t awful, because for many it is.”

Sean hit back: “Can’t work? Can’t travel? Can’t get in clubs? Can’t study at uni?

“But can get cheaper uber if double vaccinated. It’s not mandatory but they are making it impossible to live without it #coercion.”

The actor added that while he wasn’t bothered about clubbing himself, he was sticking up for younger people who wanted to go out.

Piers hit back: “You’re the ex Corrie cretin who told everyone not to get vaccinated, right?

“Somehow, I doubt an unhinged, selfish, stupid Z-list actor knows more than the world’s finest scientists – so stop peddling your conspiracy theory sh*t & shut up before you cost lives.”

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Piers has been very vocal about anti-vaxxers in recent weeks.

The ex Good Morning Britain star, who is double jabbed, has slammed those against having the jab done.

He contracted coronavirus after attending the Euro 2020 final last month.

Piers has said he believes being double-dosed is what has prevented him from being hospitalised.

In an update this week, he told fans he had developed “posterior vitreous detachment” in his left eye.

The father-of-four wrote: “28-day Covid update: a new treat – aside from ongoing tedious fatigue & inability to taste wine, all the coughing’s caused a ‘posterior vitreous detachment’ in my left eye.”

The condition occurs when the gel that fills the eyeball separates from the retina.

He added: “So, I’m now seeing weird ghostly cobwebs swimming around.

“It really is the virus that keeps on giving.”

Piers followed up his post saying he had a Covid PCR test as he set out to get a haircut and other tests.

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