Open Post: Hosted By Two Guys Stealing A Pepsi Vending Machine

Here are two dudes stealing a 700lb in Spokane Valley, Washington. Pepsi vending machine and having some difficulty with it. This is probably because it’s a 700lb. Pepsi vending machine. Spoiler alert – they triumph in the end but there was probably some wrenched vertebrae afterward.

Doesn’t this seem like a lot of work for very little? Who uses a Pepsi machine unless it’s in an office breakroom? Chances are there isn’t that much money inside.

Let’s give these dullards points for brazenness, though. NBC News reports that the vending machine was located in an interesting part of the neighborhood at least as far as thievery is concerned.

Two men struggled with a 700-pound vending machine as they tried to load it onto the back of a pickup truck from outside a car service shop and across the street from a police station in Spokane Valley, Wash.

Police later found the abandoned Pepsi machine, but it seems like the thieves are still out there!

They must have been really thirsty. Still, what a weird thing to steal. If it was a SNACK vending machine it would make more sense. All of those brightly colored orange Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups packages and delicous-looking bags of Funyons and rolls of Certs that no one ever selects. A SNACK vending machine is worth stealing from INSIDE the police station.

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