Netflix’s ‘Things Heard & Seen’ Ending Explained by Film’s Directors – Spoilers Ahead!

The new Netflix movie Things Heard & Seen is now streaming and it features an ending that will have some fans wanting more answers. Luckily, the directors of the film have spoken out to explain what happened!

Amanda Seyfried and James Norton star in the movie as a Manhattan couple who move to a historic hamlet in the Hudson Valley and come to discover that their marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals their new home’s history.

Catherine (Seyfried) and George (Norton) move to the small town with their daughter Franny so that he can take a job as an art history teacher at a private college. We eventually learn that people in the town are followers of an 18th-century Swedish theologian named Emanuel Swedenborg. One of Swedenborg’s followers, a real-life artist named George Inness, has a painting called “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” that becomes an important theme for the movie and plays a big role in the ending.

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